We all seek to live in the moment, free from all distractions, and captivated by our surroundings. Nothing could be more characteristic of the sensations you will feel in the Sahara Desert. This ancient landscape constantly changes its shape with the daily winds, and it is reborn with each passing of the sun. 

On the SOLSAHARA journey we will immerse ourselves into this natural beauty of the desert.

There exists an equilibrium between tranquility and excitement, which can only be felt on the dunes of the Sahara desert.


Night 1

Fly from Marrakech to Zagora

Guests arrive to Merzouga at Dunes D’or Hotel




Day 1 / Night 2

Relax and enjoy the Sahara Desert in Dunes D’or backyard

Daytime Excursion to local farm to table restaurant Maison Boutchrafine

Henna tattoos

Headwrap Workshop

Family dinner at Dunes D’or

SOLSAHARA party IN THE SAND DUNES ( SABO - Goldcap - Be Svendsen - amine k + More TBA) until sunrise



Day 2 / Night 3

Late brunch at Dunes D’or

Sunset Camel Ride into the Sahara Desert

Family dinner at SOLSAHARA Camp in the sand dunes

History of Berber Traditions talk

Live Berber music by the camp fire 

Star Gazing in the dunes

sleep in bedouin tents



Day 3 / Night 4

wake up for sunrise in the sahara

All Guests travel to Ouarzazate

Lunch in Ouarzazate

Excursion drive to Marrakech through the mountains and villages (Wanderers)

Fly from Ouarzazate to Marrakech (SEEKERS)

Arrival to Marrakech

Check in FELLAH HOTEL and The Source

Choose your own adventure - Night in Marrakech



Day 4 / Night 5

Guided Tour through the Medina - Bazaar

Family dinner at The Source

Sol Selectas Back to Back Family Session 

Closing Ceremony



Day 5

Guests depart Marrakech

or, Continue their journey through Morocco...